Course The Proteins of the Future

Proteins form an important part of diets for humans and animals. However, the proteins we currently consume can contribute to environmental degradation. Alternative proteins are needed to shift to more sustainable, equitable and balanced protein supply and use. Do you want to gain a broad understanding of the availability, potential uses and acceptance of alternative protein sources such as insects, algae and plant proteins? How can they be used in human food and animal feed? What is their current status and how promising are they for your future business?
Then this course is something for you!

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Wed 28 June 2023

Duration 3 days
Price EUR 1,495.00

Registration deadline: 1 June 2023

Why follow this course?

After completing the course, you will have a broad understanding of alternative proteins and their applicability in practice. You will gain the latest insights into the potential and practicalities of insects, plant proteins, microalgae, macroalgae, mycoproteins and cultured meat. You will also gain the latest knowledge on using
insects to feed livestock, fish, pets and humans. This enables you to identify which protein sources are most promising for your business in the coming years.

Is this course for you?

The programme is designed for professionals who want to know more about alternative protein sources and their role in future diets of humans and animals. Professionals working in the industry, government, consultancy and related sectors are welcome as well as academics.

Programme & topics

This course consists of a mix of insightful lectures, recent findings from young WUR researchers, and ample time for discussion and networking. Together you will explore the challenges and opportunities of:

  • Sustainable food systems and the protein transition
  • New proteins on our plate in 2040 and their consumer acceptance
  • The nutritional and health effects of insects in diets for animals and humans
  • Novel proteins to feed our animals

List of speakers (provisional)

Name Role Organisation
Dr. Harry Aiking The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Prof.dr. MJ (Maria) Barbosa Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences (Bio Process Engineering), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr.ir. G. (Guido) Bosch Department of Animal Sciences (Animal Nutrition), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands [to be confirmed]
Prof.dr M. (Marcel) Dicke Professor Laboratory of Entomology Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Prof.dr. Laura Gasco Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Università degli Studi di Torino (UNITO), Italy
Christophe Derrien Secretary General Christophe Derrien International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed IPIF, Belgium
Prof.dr.ir. A (Arnold) van Huis Emeritus Professor Laboratory of Entomology Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr. BC (Barbara) van Mierlo Department of Social Sciences (Knowledge Technology and Innovation), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
RW (Reinier) Nauta MSc Wageningen Marine Research, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr. MC (Marleen) Onwezen Consumer and Chain, Wageningen Economic Research, The Netherlands
Prof.dr. MJ (Mark) Post Chair of Physiology School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Fac. Health Medicine and Life Sciences, University Maastricht, The Netherlands [to be confirmed]
Dr. LAM (Laurice) Pouvreau Fresh Food & Chains, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, The Netherlands
Dr. N (Nanna) Roos Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Andy Salter Nutritional Biochemistry, the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Dr. K (Karin) Scholtmeijer Wageningen Plant Research (Plant Breeding – Mushroom Research), The Netherlands
Dr.ir. JW (Johan) Schrama Department of Animal Sciences (Aquaculture and Fisheries), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr. HHE (Hannah) van Zanten MSc Department of Plant Sciences (Farming Systems Ecology), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

You can download the list of speakers here.

Practical Information

  • Course fee: € 1495,- per person and covers tuition, course materials, lunch, one dinner and refreshments.
  • Between 20 and 35 participants.
  • Based on your attendance you will receive a certificate after the programme is finished.

More information & registration

You can register for this course or download the flyer. Questions? Contact Wageningen Academy.