Guiding Sector Transformation in Horticulture, Potato, and Seed

Join our ground-breaking hybrid course and embark on an engaging journey into the dynamic horticulture, potato, and seed sectors. Get ready to unlock the potential of systems thinking as you delve into the field of sector transformation. Explore the interplay and interconnections within the sector, uncover the richness of agrobiodiversity, navigate complex regulatory frameworks, and gain a profound understanding of the pivotal role played by multi-stakeholder processes.

Led by sector experts, this program will provide a comprehensive exploration of the unique challenges and opportunities within the horticulture, potato, and seed sectors, with a special emphasis on the dynamic landscape in the Netherlands.

Do not miss out on this opportunity and join us now to acquire invaluable knowledge and skills to actively contribute to shaping a resilient, sustainable and inclusive future for our sectors and food systems!

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 29 April 2024 until Fri 28 June 2024

Duration Part-time, 7 weeks with the face-to-face in The Netherlands between 2 - 8 June 2024
Price EUR 5,250.00

What will you learn?

Key course learnings include:

Throughout this course, participants will enhance their understanding and competencies in several key areas:

  • Production: Deepen knowledge of the core production processes within the seed, potato, and horticulture sectors
  • Post-Harvest, Quality, and Logistics: Understand the critical post-harvest processes, including quality control measures and logistics management.
  • Seed Certification and Regulatory Frameworks: Gain insight into the regulations governing seed certification and the broader legislative environment.
  • Agrobiodiversity: Appreciate the significance of agrobiodiversity within the seed, potato, and horticulture sectors.
  • Innovation: Explore the latest innovations in seed development, potato cultivation, and horticulture, and how they can be leveraged for sector transformation.
  • Market Systems: Understand the workings of (in)formal market systems and their influence on these sectors.
  • International Institutional and Policy Developments: Stay updated on pertinent international policy developments and their implications on a national level.
  • Value Chain Analysis and Management: Learn the general principles of value chain analysis, management, and integrated strategies for sector development.
  • Role of Multi-Stakeholder Processes: Recognize the crucial role of multi-stakeholder processes in fostering vibrant markets.

The knowledge and skills gained through this course will enable participants to make meaningful contributions towards the development and transformation of these sectors. Moreover, the course will provide fresh perspectives on how these sectors can contribute towards creating more productive, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient food systems.

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For whom is this course?

This course is particularly beneficial for:

Sector Professionals: Those involved in the sector as actors, service providers or enablers;

Policymakers: Those in governmental or regulatory roles focused on agriculture, food security, or sustainability;

Research and Education Professionals: this course also targets those working in research and education.

Applicants should have at least a relevant BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification, and at least three years of professional experience. Competence in the English language is required.

Course programme in more detail

The "Guiding Sector Transformation for Horticulture, Potato, Horticulture, and Seed Sectors" course offered by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation presents a unique opportunity for sector professionals in low and middle-income countries. This course, delivered in a pioneering blended format, aims to empower participants by leveraging the expertise of top experts from the university. The instructors, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from the field, cater to the specific needs of professionals in the sector, and ensure that the content remains relevant, practical and impactful. Participants have the flexibility to choose between the Potato+Horti track and the Seed track, allowing for a personalized and focused learning experience based on their own sector. The blended mode of delivery combines the convenience of online learning with the richness of face-to-face interaction, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. More than just an educational program, this course serves as a catalyst for sector transformation. By equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge, it empowers them to drive sustainable development in their respective field.

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This course is taught in blended format

Our courses are offered in two formats: online or blended. A course taught in a blended format is taught partially online and partially in person. Check the course details for more information about whether it is taught in online or blended format.

Application for this course

On top of this page you can apply for the course Guiding Sector Transformation in Horticulture, Potato, and Seed. Depending on your nationality, your organisation and the type of course you wish to join, your eligibility and the application procedures may differ. Find out more about the requirements and the application process.

This course has two focus tracks, Horti+Potato and Seed. After registration you will be asked to choose the track of your focus.