MOOC Landscape Governance: Collaborating Across Sectors and Scales

Join this open and online course and find local solutions to global challenges by relying on collaboration and innovation. Get the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective landscape governance that harnesses the power of place to mobilise and unite stakeholders.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Duration 4 weeks, 1-3 hours per week

Why follow this course?

Increasing global complexities and interconnectedness offer both opportunities and challenges to our collective ability to deal with climate change, food insecurity, resource depletion and degradation and the many conflicts that arise due to scarcity. The solutions to many of these issues need both global attention, but also local action. Join this course to kick-start your efforts to unite stakeholders and design governance structures, processes and partnerships that capitalize on strengths and balance and mitigate threats.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and building healthy and productive landscapes can only happen with effective stakeholder engagement. Landscape governance is therefore key to balance and manage the many trade-offs and interdependencies that happen across sectors and scales in and around landscapes.

Taking this course requires you to look at a landscape and its governance from a new perspective. With the landscape as the place, you will think spatially and explore transboundary governance that flows from the natural landscape and overcomes static, traditional administrative levels and barriers. You will learn to assess the roles, needs and potential contributions of stakeholders, as well as manage the dynamics of working in a participatory multi-stakeholder, multi-sector manner. Once you sign up, you’ll be whisked away to exciting real-world landscapes to learn from global experiences and see how even in the most challenging circumstances, effective governance leads to innovation and sustainable development in landscapes.

By taking this course you’ll also be challenged to assess the roles of policy and institutions in a highly interactive fashion. Moving to the global level, you’ll be exposed to and learn from the many international frameworks, each with a vital role to play.

Sustainable and Inclusive Landscapes | Professional Certificate Programme

Developing your leadership skills and knowledge is the first step. The Online programme Sustainable and Inclusive Landscapes Professional lets you harness the power of place and advance your career as a landscape leader. The programme consists of the following courses:

    What you will learn

    • How to think beyond traditional governance arrangements
    • Manage stakeholder dynamics and power relations for successful landscape governance
    • Develop strategies to move from stakeholder conflict to inclusive partnerships
    • Learn why institutions, policies and laws are key to landscape approaches
    • Use institutions, policies and laws as tools for landscape approaches