Course Cold Storage of Fresh Fruits

Do you want to unveil all the facets of storage of fresh fruits? Improve your understanding of the physiological processes but also the technical background of cooling systems and controlled atmosphere (CA) storage? Do you want to distinguish between main and side issues? Then
this online course is something for you. It enables you to study the learning materials at your own pace and place.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 18 study hours
Price EUR 795.00

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Why follow this course?

After successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Have insight in basic fruit physiology and fruit quality.
  • Better understanding of different storage systems and their application.
  • Know the influence of storage conditions on the fruit.
  • Know the steps to choose the optimal storage conditions.
  • Understand post-harvest quality defects of apples and pears and their causes.
  • Have insight in the technical components of a storage systems and their functioning.
  • Understand energy uptake and management of a storage system.
  • Have insight in basic investments and operating costs for storage technology.
  • Know how to work safely in fruit storage facilities.
As a new comer to the postharvest business I found this course invaluable, I am able to understand & converse in the business and with those established practically as a senior expert
Thomas Kotterer, Director Sales & Marketing, Jansen PMP

Is this course for you?

This online course is designed for professionals in the fresh fruit industry such as apple and pears fruit growers (and their co-workers) but also trading organisations, fruit auctions, cooling operators and fruit consultants. It is assumed that the participant has applied work background or education.

Programme & topics per module

Within 18 hours this course will guide you through the many interesting facets of storing fruits. Practical examples often deal with apples and pears; the underlying principles are applicable for common types of fruits. Quizzes are offered throughout the course to test your knowledge.

  • Introduction to cold storage of fruits
  • Product: Fruit biology, relation between preharvest conditions and postharvest behavior, physiological processes
  • Technology: Cooling and storage technology, explanation of functioning
  • Product and Technology: Practical technological applications to achieve storage conditions for preserving top fruit quality
  • Energy and Economics: Energy management in storage systems, investment and operations costs
  • Closure and closing quiz: Summary, Online test (closing quiz) to obtain a certificate

This course is an online self-study course. Participants follow this online course at their own pace. The course learning materials are 24/7 available on the online platform of WUR. As participant you sign in with your personal account and study at your own pace. The learning material consists of practical tutorials, knowledge clips and readings. Quizzes are offered throughout the course. This way you can test and extend your knowledge about specific subjects of the course.

Practical information

The course fee is  €795,- per person. You receive a personal account valid for a 2 months period access to the online course content.

This is an individual self-paced course. You can start anytime

Upon successful completion of the online test (closing quiz), a personalised certificate is issued.

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