Winter School Greenhouse Horticulture

Wageningen University & Research is the “knowledge heart” of the Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture, which is the most advanced and productive in the world. Scientists of Wageningen University & Research will share their unique knowledge with international students and researchers during this online “Winter School”.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 10 days / 6 study hours per day

This online course is expected to take place again in early 2025.

The practical information refers to the 2024 edition.

Why follow this Winter School?

After successfully attending the programme, you will:

  • Know the most relevant processes in protected cultivation ranging from plant physiology to economics.
  • Understand how technology affects climate management, crop production and resource use efficiency.
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to quantitatively address decisions about climate management, crop cultivation and nutrition.

Is this Winter School for you?

This excellent and intensive online Winter School is meant for PhD students, post-docs, junior scientists and professionals working in the field from all over the world. Particular attention has been given to develop a programme that also relates to and is interesting for protected cultivation with less technology than is usual in the Netherlands. So, basics will be learned to apply directly in your own country/situation.

The course was excellent, concise and informative, packed with knowledge for all levels of expertise. I’ve learned so much, in spite of my background in plant biology. Everything was skilfully explained through the many examples (including modelling). In other words, stable grounding for further work.
Participant of the 2023 edition

Programme & topics

The online Winter School offers you an attractive mix of 20 hours live online Q&A sessions,  27 hours pre-recorded Weblectures from international renowned experts, and supporting study materials. In the live sessions you can interact directly with the experts and fellow participants to explore how to apply new insights in your daily practice. This course gives you an in-depth view on the following topics:

  • Introduction to protected horticulture
  • Passive greenhouse (light and functions of the cover)
  • Potential crop yield
  • Basic principles of crop physiology
  • Water quality, growing systems and nutrient solutions
  • Crop management
  • Climate management
  • Plant nutrition and its management
  • Crop protection and integrated pest management
  • Overview of protected horticulture and wrap-up

Leading international experts from Wageningen University & Research are engaged in this programme. The live Q&A sessions give you the opportunity to interact with the experts and between participants.

The programme is preliminary. The programme, with overall timetable and involved experts will become available later on. Interested? You can always ask the programmemanager for the latest updates or more details.

Practical information

The price is € 1,770 per person and covers tuition, access to the online learning environment, access to online live sessions and group assignment. The adjusted price for PhD students is € 1,470.


We allow max. 40 participants for this programme.

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