Shellfish hatchery and nursery

Wageningen Marine Research researches the controlled production of shellfish seed in a hatchery and nursery.

The experimental hatchery and nursery facilities include broodstock conditioning units, larval rearing vessels and tanks, indoor down-welling systems and outdoor up-welling systems. Food for the shellfish is provided by Indoor algae culture systems (Ainhoa) and Outdoor algae culture systems.

The effect of different temperatures, different food rations and diets on broodstock conditioning can be studied. Small larval rearing vessels are suitable for tests which focus on effects of different treatments on larval growth and survival, while large tanks can be used to produce larvae subjected to different treatments for further rearing as spat and seed. Spat is reared in indoor down-welling systems and seed in outdoor up-welling systems. In addition, a special set-up is available for diet tests for spat and seed.

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