Student testimonial

The program calls to my involvement in certain themes and gives me the freedom to pursue my own interests

Student International Development Studies
Prior Education: Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology, Radboud University

A year of taking courses gave me room to really think about my thesis topic and what fit best for me.
Nick, student International Development Studies

Prior Education

The combination of Anthropology and Development Studies was the decisive reason for me to do my Bachelor’s in Nijmegen. The program perhaps draws lots of  ‘naive’ young idealists, but along the way it becomes clear to everyone how complex and difficult to solve the problems of development studies can be.

Choice for International Development Studies

During my Bachelor’s my interest in the field of Development Studies, especially in the themes of social inequality, conflict and social movement, grew. The Master’s International Development Studies in Wageningen offers many opportunities to expand knowledge of the themes which interest you. It greatly appealed to me that the Master’s lasts for two years and that there are a lot of possible specialisations. The, in the program built in, internship offers a look into practice, and it seemed nice to me that the thesis takes place after a year of courses so that I had enough time to really think about my thesis topic and what fit best for me.

Experience with the Master’s International Development Studies

The lecturers are very committed and the accompaniment is excellent. The program stirs up my commitment to the themes en gives me the freedom to chase my own interests. After an internship at a local NGO, which gave me insight in the marginalised Roma neighborhoods in Bulgaria, I am now staying in Honduras voor my thesis research, again at a local NGO. It really feels like my own project and I get the impression that the first year of my Master’s has prepared me well enough to conduct a decent and relevant research.

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