Beyond the Sea

We would like to tell you a story… A story about the ocean, the greatest entity of our planet. Are you willing to be swept off solid ground and dive deep into the sea? What does it see?

Organised by Studium Generale

Mon 19 June 2023 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Through sound, movement, and conversation, we will explore where the ocean ends. What could we say on behalf of the sea? How do you give voice to the sea?

By combining the powers of art and science, this event will result in a collective manifesto, which contributes to the interdisciplinary theatre project “Beyond the Sea” of Pollif Projects Foundation.

This is an Open Mind Lab event, designed and organised with a group of students.

About Pollif Projects

Pollif Projects organizes transdisciplinary art projects about the non-human and the deeply-human aspects. This new foundation, based in Gelderland and in Brussels, has the aim to build up a relationship with the new generation of teenagers and young adolescents, to give them a stage and voice within these themes.

About Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea is an interdisciplinary theatre project about our relation to the sea, ecosystems and the sea turtle as our guidance. Artistic leader and transdisciplinary artist Mirthe Dokter works together with avaried team of performers, musicians, writers, architects, theatremakers and marine ecologists to make an experience about stepping into the perspective of the sea and sea species.

In spring 2024 this theatre project will be ready for an audience. Together with interdisciplinary artist Mirjamvan Dijk (Amsterdam) she collects the voices of the generation between 15-25 years old about their wishes for the sea. The Open Mind lab is the first result of this series of workshops. Do you want to be involved?