Manage your code with Git@WUR

At WUR you can securely work on code/scripts/software using the version control system Git at Git@WUR (a GitLab instance).

Unlike the web versions of GitLab and GitHub, Git@WUR is GitLab hosted locally at WUR where data is stored on WUR premises. On Git@WUR you can share code, manage and solve issues for code, document code, and share code privately, WUR-wide, or publicly. You are free to use the webversions of GitLab and Github as well, but WUR does not offer repository-, account-, storage-, or access management, or other types of support for those web versions.

Features of Git@WUR are:

  • Security: code is stored in secure data centers on WUR premises
  • Control: you control who can see and can't see the source code by setting your project repository to private (only you and the ones you invite), internal (visible to WUR employees), and public (anyone can see).
  • Visibility: if you publish a research article based on source code in Git@WUR, it is possible to apply a persistent identifier to the source code and link it to your research article. This way both your publication and the source code become more visible.
  • Collaboration: you can collaborate on your work with others inside and outside of WUR. WUR employees can be freely added to any project repository. If you want to add non-employees of WUR, please put in the request for an external account by creating a ticket. Make sure to add the following information: person's email address, full name, organisation and the reason for the request.