Kick-Start Fund Student Life

KickStart Fund Student Life

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has been heavily impacting student life. Fieldwork, practicals, and contact with the professional field have all nearly come to a halt. This is also the case for social activities that make your life as a student unforgettable, but we want to do something about that!

Are you a WUR student and/or board member of a student organisation? And you’re brimming with ideas about how to realise this social catch-up? Then read further what the KickStart Fund Student Life can do for you.

Time for recovery!

In 2021 and 2022, the Dutch government made a budget available to compensate for what we have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wageningen University & Research is using this money for – and together with – student- and study associations. With your effort and experience, we can kickStart the enjoyable and educational activities that will restore student life in Wageningen to the pre-pandemic level. 

The KickStart Student Life Fund is earmarked for the following goals:

Goal KickStart Fund


The KickStart Fund Career supports study associations in organising activities and excursions that introduce students in your study programme(s) to the professional field. These activities help you and your fellow students to form an idea about career and job opportunities.

How can I request funding?

The application deadline for 2022 has passed. As from 2023 KickStart Career will stop and no new funding will be available.

Information for study associations that applied for funding in 2022

The funding must be used for activities that meet the criteria listed below.

Criteria 2022 | Career


The funding should be used for new activities that facilitate contact between students and the professional field, enabling them to build a network and get an idea of the career possibilities.

  • At least one of these activities is organised in collaboration with an external partner other than the university.
  • The study associations are expected to attend the Intake Inspiration meeting on September 14, 2022. In the meeting, advice and guidance with regards to the proposed activities and excursions will be provided.
  • A final proposal with regards to the planned activities is expected to be handed in by October 3, 2022. Then the proposal is approved by the committee, the funding will be allocated.

Target group

The activities should be open to all students in the programme, no matter if they are a member of the study association.

  • The study association explicitly communicates accordingly to potential participants to involve a larger group of students.
  • The activity can be organised for a specific group of students within the programme (Bachelor or Master, specialisation, specific interests, etc.).


The costs must reasonably contribute directly to the purpose: excursions or other activities intended to make contact with the professional field.

  • The study association or organisation submits a complete budget for all activity it plans to organise with the resources of the fund.
  • The funding should be spent primarily on career-related activity, where costs catering is regarded as secondary cost, subjected to a maximum of €7,50 per person per day.
  • Costs related to the site rental should be reasonable.
  • The fund may not be used to purchase material items that affects association's equity (e.g. books, goodies etc.).


The KickStart Fund Social supports student organisations, student sports organisations and individual students in organising activities that help students feel welcome and at home in Wageningen by strengthening their social network.

How can I request funding?

The application deadline for 2022 has passed.

The funding must be used for activities that meet the criteria listed below. 

Criteria 2022 | Social

Concrete (promotional) strategy

The applicants have a clear and concrete strategy (including a promotional strategy) to also reach students who normally do not come or come infrequently. The quality of the strategy will be assessed in relation to the goal of the funding.


Activity/event makes fellow students feel welcome and at home in Wageningen and offers opportunities for students in general to get to know other students and strengthen their social network.

  • At least one activity should be open to everyone, also to students who are no member of the association and especially students with fewer contacts because of corona (international students, first-year students). However, this does not mean that the activity is closed to senior-year students. You can actively involve both first- and senior year students.
  • Activity/event results in involving more students in sports activities on campus or via student sports associations.

Target Group

The project can be organised for a specific group of students (programme, bachelor or master, specific interests, talents or issue),

  • Within this specific group students cannot be excluded because of who they are and what can do (language, background, functional limitation, etc.)


The costs must reasonably contribute directly to the purpose, which is social interaction, of the event.

  • Costs to declare: Material, facilities, transport, compensation for speakers, deployment of students via volunteer allowance, food, and drinks (max 7.5 Euro p.p.) etc.