Kick-Start Fund Student Life

Kickstart Social 2023

Following last year, the kickstart social fund is there to support open activities to connect with fellow students and stimulate a divers landscape of activities organized for and by students.

New year – new goals!

What is new?

  • Every quarter a new call – starting with the “Spring-call”
  • Budget request of €100,- to €1500,-
  • Activity should be open to every student
  • Activities will be listed on WUR website
  • Assigned budget will be transferred after positive feedback on financial statement

Procedure and criteria

The goal of Kickstart Fund 2023 is to support open activities to connect students, organized by organisations – groups of students or individual students. These activities should contribute to the divers landscape of initiatives for students to support the social cohesion. We will pay special attention to the division of funding over a large range of activities.


Who can apply?

All student organisations can apply but also groups of students or individuals that  are not part of an organisation. This combined target group is hereafter called the ‘activity organiser’. 

Target group (of organized activities):  

The organized activities must be open for all students to ensure inclusivity. 

When can I apply?

During the academic year there are 3 opportunities to apply for the fund (hereafter, called ‘2023-call’):  

  • ‘Spring call’; apply before 1 February  
  • 'Summer call’; apply before 1 April  
  • ‘Autumn-call’; apply before 1 July   

Activity organizers that also received funding from the ‘2022-call’ need to submit their evaluation/report before January 15th so that they can apply for the 2023-calls (deadline February 1st).   

How much budget can we apply for?

  • The activity organiser can apply for a budget between 100 to 1500 euro funding per period. They submit one proposal on how they want to spend the selected amount of funding. The budget can be spent on multiple activities.   
  • Furthermore, the budget can be used to make activities cost-effective or completely free.   
  • Their proposal and budget need to be approved by the committee.   
  • The approval of the budget is communicated at least one month before the start of the event.   
  • At the end, the activity organisers must report on how the budget was spent and get the funding based on the spending. The report must be hand in maximum one month after the activity.  
  • Once the Kick-Start Committee received the final statement from the activity organisers they will process their refund for the organized activity. 

Approval of the plan

The Kick-start Committee will approve the plans based on the criteria focussing especially on the quality of the proposal and how unique the activity is (we strive to have a diverse programme of activities).  

Deadline assessment proposals and communicating the results to applicants: 1 March 2023 (‘Spring call’).  

Task Kick-Start Committee and members:   

Lisa Nguyen and Rutger Kroes (from Student Service Center) are steering the Kick-Start Committee, which is formed by a group of student assistants. The Kick-Start Committee coordinates the process and decides on the procedure, criteria, applications, and funding.

How can we apply?

Fill in this form. Make sure that your budget form is ready to be uploaded.


Most important quality criteria

The applicants have a clear and concrete strategy (including a promotion strategy)  The quality of the strategy is assessed in relation to the goal of the funding.

Other criteria that need to be met

  • Student organisations/associations, groups of students, or individuals can apply for funding to organize new or existing activities.  
  • Activity should be open for everyone, also for students who are not member of an association/organisation.   
  • Activity makes fellow students feel welcome and at home in Wageningen.  
  • Activity offers opportunities for students in general to get to know other students and strengthen their social network.  
  • Activity results in involving more students in sports activities on campus or via student sports associations.  
  • The activity contributes to the diversity of the programme.   
  • The activity can be organised for a specific group of students (specific interests, talents, or issue), but within this specific group students cannot be excluded because of who they are and what they can(not) do (language, background, functional limitation, etc.)  
  • The costs must reasonably contribute directly to the purpose, which is social interaction, of the event.   
  • Costs to declare: Materials, facilities, transport, compensation for speakers, food, and drinks (max 7.5 p.p.) etc. It is not allowed to pay students a volunteer allowance