SE (Sarahi) Nuñez Ramos PhD

SE (Sarahi) Nuñez Ramos PhD


Sarahi Nunez is an internationally experienced professional in environmental sciences, sustainable and socio-economic development, and climate studies. She has practical experience in integrated assessment modeling, spatial modeling, and scenario analysis.

Sarahi started her career as a consultant in multiple development projects in Honduras (2007-2008). She was a visiting scholar at the Ohio State University in the US where she conducted research on ecology of plant communities in natural and managed ecosystems (2009-2011), and was actively involved in the EU FP7 project Impacts and Risks from High-End Scenarios: Strategies for Innovative Solutions (IMPRESSIONS) (2014-2018). 

Sarahi holds an MSc in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources from Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands, and a Master in Project Management from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamerica (UNITEC), Honduras. In October 2019 she finished her PhD programme and received a doctorate from Wageningen University and Research, with a thesis titled: 'Assessing biodiversity responses to changes in climate and land use'.

Sarahi is interested in research related to environmental change, including social-environmental drivers, dyamics of biodiversity change, climate change and socio-ecological systems.