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Projets - dr. SGM (Silke) Gabbert

Silke's research interests are the economics of chemicals' risk management and regulation. Her research combines toxicological and environmental approaches with economic modelling and is targeted towards identifying and guiding optimal strategies for a responsive (i.e. concern-driven) risk management of chemicals characterized by multiple hazardous properties (e.g. persistent organic pollutants, endocrine disruptors).

Completed projects:


  1. Uncertainty analysis in policy-relevant Integrated Assessment Models for analysing transboundary air pollution (completed in 2007)
  2. System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling, Linking European Science and Society (SEAMLESS-IF, completed in 2009); see
  3. Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment of Industrial Chemicals through Integration of Non-Test and Test Information (OSIRIS, completed in 2011); see
  4. A framework for valuaing environmental impacts of PBT chemicals to inform decision-making on authoristaion uunder REACH (completed in 2013)
  5. A decision-analytic framework for optimising toxicity testing of chemicals: The Case of cosmetic ingredients (joint WU-ENR/BASF/JRC-ICHP PhD project).
  6. Approach for the evaluation of PBTs subject to authorisation and restriction procedures in the context of socio-economic analysis under the European REACH legislation. European Commission, project no. 2017.7085, doi: 10.2873/33669.

On-going projects:

  1. Capitalizing the inland valley potential for food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers in West Africa (CIPA). WU-AfricaRice  PhD project