dr. P (Pariya) Behrouzi PhD

dr. P (Pariya) Behrouzi PhD

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

I am an assistant professor in the Mathematical-Statistical Method Group at the Wageningen University since June 2019. My research focuses on the development of statistical methods for time-series data, dynamic networks, and graphical models. I am also interested in causal discovery and prediction to improve the understanding of complex systems and processes. As applications of my research I focus on plant sciences, genetics and computational biology.

Other position: Member of the Wagenigen Young Academy


Short Bio

Prior to my tenure track appointment at WUR, I was a Post-doc researcher between June 2017 and June 2019 in the Mathematical-Statistical Group at WU. During my Post-doc, I worked in a project entitled Network-based statistical inference for studying muscle health in relation to physical functioning and nutrition". My research there involved the methodological and software developments. I was involved also in other multi-disciplinary projects.

Prior to joining the group at WUR, I was a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, supervised by Prof. Ernst Wit. During my PhD, I have developed statistical methodologies and software packages based on probabilistic graphical models for high-dimensional data. This has resulted in my PhD thesis entitled Extensions of Graphical Models with Applications in Genetics and Genomics. I have defended my thesis in January 2018. I have a M.Sc. degree in Mathematical Statistics and B.Sc degree in Statistics.

Publications: Google Scholar, ORCID

Software: I am the core developer of the following open-source software which are used in my publications: