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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr.ir. W (Wopke) van der Werf

Advances in Intercropping

A PhD course “Advances in Intercropping” was given online via the graduate school Production Ecology and Resource Conservation at Wageningen University from 11-15 January 2021 (). The course brought together 30 students and 14 lecturers from all over the world, mostly European countries, but also, for instance, China, Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia. A diversity of topics was discussed during in depth lectures while students elaborated research proposals on different aspects of crop diversification. Recordings of the oral presentations of the 14 speakers are hosted on the ReMIX educational platform on intercropping which can be found at:


The presentation of the winning research proposal on crop diversification, developed by a group of five students, is also hosted at this URL. Furthermore, this URL has additional presentations by invited speakers which were used as background knowledge during the school. Despite being online, this school offered an inspiring platform for learning, discussion and knowledge exchange. The support from ReMIX and the graduate school PE&RC is gratefully acknowledged.


CSA70424 MSc Internship Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA20806 Population and Systems Ecology
PPS20306 Systems Analysis and Modelling
CSA79324 MSc Research Practice Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA79424 MSc Research Practice Crop Physiology
CSA80436 MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA80924 MSc Thesis Crop Physiology
CSA34306 Ecological Modelling and Data Analysis
CSA70224 MSc Internship Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA70724 MSc Internship Crop Physiology