Enrol for courses and tests in Osiris

Enrol for courses and tests in Osiris

Enrolment is compulsory for all courses!

  • A student who enrol for a course is automatically signed up for all its modes of instruction as well as the test.
  • Students can enrol for the entire academic year via Osiris. Enrolment deadlines are listed in the academic year calendar;
  • Students can enrol for a maximum of 15 ECTS per term. Anyone who wishes to enrol for more than 15 ECTS should contact the relevant course coordinator.
  • Students can only enrol for a resit once they have been awarded a result for the original test on the course in question (‘No Grade’ also counts as a result).
  • Enrolment for courses with maximum numbers of participants closes earlier (one to two weeks before the regular enrolment deadline), so that students who are not admitted still have time to enrol for another course instead. Students who enrol for such courses will automatically be put on the waiting list. Students will always be admitted to courses that are compulsory for them in the common part or specialisation of their programme. Students for whom the course is a limited choice course will be given preference over other interested students. Among students who do not have priority, it is determined by lot who can participate in the course. Students who enrol after the deadline, but before the deadline of regular courses, will be added to the waiting list. However, they will not be given preference, even if the course is compulsory for them and serves as an elective for a student who did enrol in good time. They are therefore not included in the draw.
  • First-year BSc students will automatically be enrolled for courses in the first term of their first year of study. After this, they will have to enrol themselves.
  • After the central registration deadline, students will only be able to gain admission to courses upon the approval of the relevant course coordinator. The course coordinator will then arrange the enrolment.

Tests and resits

  • Students can only take the test for a course during the term in which the course is scheduled.
  • Students can enrol for merely taking the test of a course, or withdraw their test enrolment, until the end of the registration deadline.
  • Students cannot withdraw their test enrolment after the deadline – instead, they will be awarded the result ‘No Grade’.
  • Late test enrolments can be requested via the relevant course coordinator. It's up to the course coordinator to make the decision to register the student yes or no.
  • Enrolment deadlines for test and resits are listed in the academic year calendar. Dates in February and August are listed in the detailed schedule for each course on TimeEdit

Course catalogue, timetable and study planning

  • In Osiris, you can navigate to the course catalogue to enrol for courses or tests.
  • Osiris also provides access to the PlanApp, which you can use to draw up your study plan before the detailed schedules are announced. You will, however, still have to enrol for the courses and tests.
  • Detailed schedules are announced for each individual period and published in TimeEdit. These schedules are updated on a daily basis.