Osiris - student information system

Osiris is the student information system of Wageningen University. In Osiris, you can find information about your courses, tests, study progress and study programme. Most important, via Osiris you can enrol yourself in courses and tests.

Get started @WUR Osiris

Go to https://wur.osiris-student.nl and login with your WUR email address and password.

Your student ID
You can find your student ID under ‘My details’ in Osiris. You need this student ID to identify yourself for tests. This student ID is also shown on your WUR card.

Via ‘My details’ you can also request for facilities. For more information about studying with a disability see Studying with a disability . You are responsible for requesting the facility/service needed for each course or test you take (e.g. 25% additional time for exam) in Osiris.

You can also find your study progress, including courses you already completed, courses you still need to complete and your study progress overview, in Osiris.

Course catalogue and course enrolment
Osiris provides a direct link to the course catalogue. The course catalogue contains useful search filters and enables you to register for the relevant course directly.

You can also register for your specialization, courses or tests for the complete academic year via the enrolment button. Detailed information on how to enrol for your specialization, courses or tests you can find in the Osiris student manuals.

In Osiris you will receive messages about your enrolment in a course or test.

Planning courses and requesting approval of electives
The PlanApp option in Osiris enables you to plan the courses in your programme and submit your electives for approval. In case of any changes, you need to re-submit your study programme.

If your programme deviates from the programme listed in the course catalogue, please send an email to your study adviser to ask the Examining Board to adapt your individual programme.

These videos will help you get started with Osiris:
· Getting started with Osiris
· How does the study progress overview work?
· Introduction to study planning in the Osiris-PlanApp
· How can I plan my study programme in the Osiris-PlanApp?

You will also find user-friendly Osiris student manuals that provide step-by-step instructions for using Osiris.

In Osiris you will find a Q&A help. Click on the question mark in Osiris to find answers to frequently asked questions.

You can also send an email to SSC@WUR.nl. A support team is available to answer your questions.