Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is a call upon new and existing partners, students, alumni and citizens to explore with us the potential of nature, to participate in defining and understanding the challenges facing us, to engage in discussing and navigating trade-offs, and to work with us on evidence-based and socially inclusive answers that drive transitions. This Strategic Plan is an invitation to join us in finding answers together.

Global challenges and our ambition

In the 21st century we face major global challenges crossing the borders of nations and sectors. Humanity is over-consuming nature and its natural resources, urban centres are becoming overpopulated, a major part of the population faces malnutrition and the climate is changing rapidly. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) provides high quality knowledge, education and research to develop and implement paths of change addressing these global challenges and to design and accelerate the necessary transitions. We cannot do this alone. We need partners- both our current and new ones,  both national and international ones. Simultaneously, we aim for continuous internal renewal, change and improvements to maintain and strengthen our high quality, societal impact and global position.


Our research

Our research is driven by our desire to understand and contribute to the world’s challenges and the transitions that lie before us. In Wageningen we encompass the entire chain of knowledge, from curiosity-driven fundamental research to science-based and up-scalable practical knowledge to create solutions that have impact.

Our education and students

We provide students and professionals with the knowledge and skills to contribute to key global transitions. Students and professionals come to Wageningen University & Research to participate in our expanding portfolio of online and on-campus programmes, trainings and courses, all of which are combined in our Education Ecosystem. Our Education Ecosystem continuously develops through innovation and expansion of both content and forms of education, while maintaining high quality, creating flexible learning paths and strengthening our diverse classrooms.

Our people, organisation and resources

Our people generate the impact of WUR. They develop and disseminate new knowledge and innovations, teach students and professionals and find answers to societal questions. Support staff assures that education and research run efficiently. Our policies, organisation, and resources facilitate our staff’s excellent work and their collaboration with colleagues, students, partners and society. Together we are OneWageningen, maximising the synergy between Wageningen University and Wageningen Research by increasing flexibility and mobility between and within the two institutions to form effective and diverse teams that boost our collective quality and impact.

Impact: our value for society

Since our founding a century ago, we have been driven to find answers and to improve our world. We want to make an impact. We create impact by providing high quality education, by carrying out innovative research with our partners and by establishing start-ups and spin-offs. We will continue contributing to societal agendas, organising societal dialogues, connecting with our national and international alumni, and further developing our campus ecosystem.