Why do we want dialogues?

Our organisation is at the cutting edge when it comes to addressing substantial, modern-day social themes: the growing world population and growing wealth which is resulting in a growing demand for food; climate change and its subsequent impact; urbanisation; and an increased burden on the soil, water, and air, which, in turn, makes food safety uncertain. All of these topics pose significant challenges to the world and elicit a wide range of opinions.

Dialogue at Wageningen

In order to fulfil our role as a knowledge institution, we want to be enriched by these diverse viewpoints and understand their foundations. This means that we want to structure our contact with stakeholders and society in a dialogue format in the broadest sense. It is in the interest of all parties to jointly look for solutions as often as possible, even if that is not always easy in practice.

Dialogue is in our DNA. Agricultural extension was developed in Wageningen and disseminated by the first WUR communication scientists. A great deal of knowledge was required for this from the target group, which came about via dialogue with that target group. Decades later, communication science at WUR is still hard at work examining dialogue as a form of communication and, on the basis of the knowledge gained, supporting people in having dialogues. This takes place under the umbrella of Centre for Dialogue (in Dutch).

Wageningen Dialogues

Wageningen Dialogues is a programme developed by Wageningen University & Research in which a number of opportunities are offered to have dialogues with Wageningen scientists. Furthermore, within our domain of healthy food and living, we facilitate dialogues on issues in which we are not directly involved.

Wageningen Dialogues are conducted in various forms and in different places, including both online and physical locations. We cordially invite you to participate!