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Wageningen Youth Institute

The Wageningen Youth Institute inspires and activates high school students in global food security topics. “How do we feed the world in a fair, sustainable and healthy way in 2050 when the world population rises to 10 billion?”

Global Challenge

Join the World Food Prize Foundation's Global Challenge with students from all over Europe! Wageningen Youth Institute invites you to write a short essay on a topic of your choice about feeding the world and to discuss it with fellow students and experts.

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Participate with your extended essay (PWS)

For Dutch students: with your extended essay (PWS) you can also participate in the Global Challenge! If your topic is related to the global food security, we offer you (expert) guidance from WUR students.

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Ideal Burger Challenge

This year Wageningen Youth Institute is also organizing the Ideal Burger Challenge. This is an international project where you get to work on making and baking a vegetable burger yourself!

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Are you a teacher and do you want to inspire and activate your students in global food security topics? Wageningen Youth Institute is happy to help you with that! From individual student projects such as participating in a challenge to workshops in the classroom or a project week.

About Wageningen Youth Institute

Wageningen Youth Institute is part of Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Prize Foundation in the US.

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