World Food Prize – Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

Wageningen Youth Institute

The Wageningen Youth Institute (WYI) is part of Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Prize Foundation in the United States. The Wageningen Youth Institute challenges high school students to look for solutions to one of the biggest challenges we face in the world: “How do we feed the world in 2050 in a fair, sustainable and healthy way when the world population rises to 10 billion?”

WYI edition 2021

To participate in WYI 2021 in March or April (date to follow), you (high school student) write an advice about solutions on global food security issues. The advice is based on the research of your extended essay. You will be assessed on the basis of the quality of their advice. During WYI 2021 you will talk to experts (scientists, entrepreneurs and policymakers) about your opinion and advice. You will also participate in lectures and excursions on Wageningen Campus.

Global Food Security

There are many different topics to consider about global food security issues and how we can feed the world in an honest, sustainable and healthy way. In addition, there are perspectives from all school subjects; chemistry, biology, but of course also economics.

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