Travel policy for students

Are you planning to travel abroad or, as an international BSc- or MSc-student, are you temporarily travelling back home in the context of your studies at Wageningen University & Research?

Find out in good time whether this trip concerns a risky area (source: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and if so, you will have to receive permission.

You should submit a travel request together with your course supervisor. You will need to complete a form that also functions as a checklist to ensure you are well-prepared for your trip. This checklist includes (mandatory) precautions to be taken, such as travelling together with a student who is already familiar with the area, (additional WUR) insurance, safety training, registration in Kompas (Foreign Affairs), and recommended vaccinations.

Travels to code red and code orange areas are NOT allowed. A hardship clause for code orange areas applies to students who are participating in an MSc Disaster Studies internship or thesis, for them an exception may be made. There is a different application form for the code Orange areas.

Free electives in risky areas are only allowed if you take them as a formal exchange student in the context of an exchange programme of Wageningen University & Research, and only in code yellow areas. As a formal exchange student, you implicitly have permission for this and do not need to do a request.

The procedure may take some time, see the process diagram. Be sure you start with this well in advance!

Check the Travel policy WUR for more information.

For further information, please contact your course supervisor, your study adviser or your exchange coordinator.