Wageningen University & Research, Animal Breeding & Genomics discloses knowledge and expertise and generates new knowledge through research projects performed by (MSc and PhD) students as well as contract researchers.

Clients are national and international breeding organisations in commercial and non-commercial livestock as well as pet animals and horses, the Dutch government, the EU and other foreign governments. Commissioned by the Dutch government the ABG also conserves the genetic diversity of species important for agriculture and forestry in the Netherlands in the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN).

Modern Breeding

Genetic selection of animals (and plants) on just production aspects is not enough anymore. Today’s breeding also requires selection criteria for many less easy to measure characteristics like i.e. animal health, environmental impact and fertility. We identify these genetic aspects in the performance of livestock and pet animals, and develop the optimal breeding schemes for selection.

Wageningen University & Research, Animal Breeding & Genomics is a joint venture of the Department of Animal Breeding & Genomics of Wageningen Livestock Research and the Chair Group Animal Breeding and Genomics of the Animal Sciences Department.

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