Graduation procedures Master (MSc) & Bachelor (BSc): Wageningen University introduced ‘automatic graduation’.

This means that when your last (sufficient) grade has been entered in the Student Information System (in your approved study contract), it will automatically be determined that you have passed the final examination in the programme. This will be approved 11 times a year by the examination committee.

Graduation dates.

Please check Agenda & Calendar for data.

The procedures with regard to the final Masters examination and graduation:

  1. The student does not have to register for graduation.
  2. Wageningen University will determine when a student has passed the last interim examination of his approved individual Master examination programme and therefore has taken his final Masters examination. The student administration system (AIR) will automatically determine when a last interim examination is passed by a student. Please therefore make sure that your study programme in SPA is 100% correct, has been approved by the examination committee and that there are no unfinished subjects in your study programme.
  3. When it has determined that the student has taken his final Masters examination, the Student Service Centre (SSC) will inform the student by email. The student will be asked to inform the SSC when he wants to receive his degree certificate.
  4. The Examining Board will verify the result of the final Masters examination and determine if the examination was passed with distinction.
  5. The final examination date is the date on which the last positive result of the last interim examination of the individual examination programme is entered into the student information system, or: the date of approval of the (altered) individual examination programme.
  6. After the final examination date, the student can continue his enrolment for the remaining of the academic year in order to complete extra courses. The student will receive a certificate for the extra courses passed.
  7. A graduation ceremony is organised five times a year for master graduates and two times a year for bachelor graduates. The degree certificate and diploma supplement will only be presented to the student if all financial obligations have been fulfilled. Students who are not able to attend the ceremony will be given other options to receive their diploma’s.

Termination of Enrolment.

Students should submit a request for termination of enrolment via Studielink, at the latest in the month that the final grade is entered into the system. Please submit the request on time.

If the SSC receives your request for termination in February, we are obliged by law to terminate your enrolment as of March 1. If we receive the request in March, the termination of enrolment will be effective as of April 1 and so on. State the reason for termination of enrolment. If the reason is 'graduation' the Student Service Centre will only process your request when you actually graduate. Following termination of the enrolment, refund of tuition fees is possible.