Confidential Adviser

For students that encounter unwanted behaviour from others, a confidential adviser is available. His/her task includes individual support, assistance and addressing complaints.

Unwanted situations can occur not only in the areas of study and education, but also in the home or someplace else. Don’t hesitate to contact the confidential adviser, even if you doubt the seriousness of unwanted behaviour that has been directed at you.

The confidential adviser is independent and everything you discuss with him/her is confidential.

What can you do about it?

It is important that prompt action is taken when unacceptable conduct is observed, because it can cause stress and psychological or physical problems which can affect you privately and in your study. It goes without saying that others should treat you with respect.

If someone’s behaviour is bothering you, this person might not even be aware of the effect that his or her behaviour is having on you. It might be a good idea to talk to this person about the fact that their behaviour distresses you. You can explain that you find this unacceptably offensive or even threatening. You can also ask someone you trust, a fellow student or a teacher to say this to this person. You can also contact a confidential adviser. Please don’t keep it to yourself but talk about it.


You can make an appointment by email:

> E-mail:

> Any questions? Call: 0317-483618

Can you make a formal complaint?

You can submit a complaint to the Executive Board if your attempts to change the situation have had no effect and the behaviour is so offensive that it is a real hindrance for you. Complaints must be made in writing, and may be made some time after the behaviour has taken place. The confidential adviser can provide information about the rules for complaints and the procedure. He/She will help you to write and submit a complaint and assist you during the entire complaints procedure.