Female student talking to a life coach

Student life coach

Heart-to-heart talk with an experienced coach about life.
For students of Wageningen University.

We live in challenging times. A global pandemic and a war going on, but also personal problems, can turn your life upside down. How to maintain good mental health, while being alone a lot? How to keep a functional study routine? Make friends as a new student in Wageningen? What to do about pondering or stress? And what about relating to what is happening in the world?

Talk about it. It helps!

In a Heart-to-Heart conversation, you can talk to an experienced student life coach about challenging situations in your life. Loneliness, relationships (love, friends, family), motivation, health, making choices, or questions about your future. Nothing is taboo.

NOTE: For questions about study delay, financial issues or disability, please see the Student Dean (e-mail). For serious personal problems, see the Student Psychologists (e-mail)

With Heart-to-Heart, Student Training & Support offers short consultations. A conversation with a good listener may just take a load off your mind.

Ask for a Heart to Heart

To make an appointment, send an e-mail to one of the coaches and ask for a Heart-to-Heart.

  • Talks can be in Dutch or English
  • Not all coaches can meet face to face.  
  • After receiving your e-mail the coach will contact you for an appointment.
  • Duration 45-60 minutes / max. 3 appointments
  • The first 3 appointments are free of charge. However, if you are in need of extra appointments you can discuss this with the coach. Please note these sessions will be at your own expense.

Student life coaches


Marloes Harkema

Sometimes there is a moment in your studies that you feel at a loss or alone. Or a phase where stress and tension overwhelm you. A situation in which you cannot see which steps to take or what is the best path for you. But you don’t have to investigate that alone. Looking forward to explore this with you.

Marloes is on holiday from July 29 untill Sept 5.

For a Heart-to-Heart with Marloes:

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What will Marloes offer?

I train students in presentation and negotiation skills, support students with anxiety for public speaking, and coach student teams. ‘Engaged, clear and calm’  are the keywords students use to characterize me. Sharing your story can bring relief and clarity. In our conversation we can explore together how you can find the tools to continue with more motivation and energy.

More about Marloes

I find my own inspiration in a zen centre where I live and work part of the year. For Spectrum I organize writing workshops on grief, give meditations and organize Buddhist Inspiration Evenings.  Unavoidably, we encounter difficult phases in our lives.  I went through a difficult period after my husband became seriously ill, and died at the age of 27. Writing and connecting with others helped me to process these times and eight years later I published these experiences in a book on grief. Without exception, we all find our ways in dealing with difficulties in our lives. But you don’t have to walk that road alone. You are welcome!

Martijn van der Spoel - Educational Psychologist & Student Life Coach

Martijn van der Spoel

I am fascinated by the brain. Its power, resourcefulness and, perhaps most of all, ability to create.  Added to this the fact that you can reframe brain patterns makes the process of our thinking and doing very interesting. I am committed to helping people discover what works best for them. 

For a Heart-to-Heart with Martijn:

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What will Martijn offer?

The reason I agreed to this initiative is the many questions WUR students asked me in recent weeks. It has clearly shown me the nature of the challenges during this unique time. Feel free to arrange a phone call or online meeting if you want to just share or explore how you could do things differently.

More about Martijn

I was born in the north of The Netherlands.  My parents started to foster children when I was six, which instilled in me an interest for people of diverse backgrounds. When I was nineteen I moved to the UK to learn English after which I studied and taught at a secondary school near London.  Further studies in the US and London led me to Psychology of Education in which I hold a PHD from the Institute of Education, London University. Currently I run a business, Glia Learning Ltd, where I work with students of various backgrounds at wide-ranging abilities. 

Marije Wolthuis - Student Life Coach

Marije Wolthuis

In this crazy time of social distancing, online colleges and digital drinks, everything seems to get zoomed (;-)) in on. All of a sudden we are being confronted with questions, emotions, struggles that didn’t seem to have been there before. Or at least not this overwhelming.

For a Heart-to-Heart with Marije:

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What will Marije offer?

Loneliness, motivational dips, questions about life (Why am I doing this? What is it that I really want in life? What will my future look like?). How do you deal with all of this? You’re welcome to share your story, your questions with me. During a phone call or during a ‘real’ conversation at my practice in the town centre. I’d love to listen to you and think along with you so you can get inspired and motivated again.

More about Marije

I love colour, being outside and having deep conversations. I obtained my Masters’ degree in Nijmegen but my passion for nature and my interest in sustainability made me move to the green, vibrant (although not at the moment) town of Wageningen. I live here with my husband and children. I work as a coach-counselor at my own practice where I coach students and young professionals dealing with stress and/or burn-out issues.