Female student talking to a life coach

Student Life Coach

In a Heart-to-Heart conversation, you can talk to a professional life coach about challenging situations in your life. Loneliness, relationships (love, friends, family), motivation, health, making choices, or questions about your future. Nothing is taboo.

Talk about it. It helps!

A good conversation with a good listener may just take a load off your mind. Don't hesitate to contact us

How? Send an e-mail to one of the coaches and ask for a Heart-to-Heart.

  • Talks can be in Dutch or English
  • Not all coaches can meet face to face.  
  • After receiving your e-mail the coach will contact you for an appointment.
  • Duration 45-60 minutes / max. 3 appointments
  • The first 3 appointments are free of charge. However, if you are in need of extra appointments you can discuss this with the coach. Please note these sessions will be at your own expense.

NOTE: For questions about study delay, financial issues or disability, please see the Student Dean (e-mail). For serious personal problems, see the Student Psychologists (e-mail)

Student life coaches


Marloes Harkema

Marloes is available again for scheduling meetings.

Inevitably, we encounter difficult moments in our lives. Talking about your concerns can provide relief and clarity. In a conversation, we can explore together how you can get tools to continue motivated and with more energy.

'Committed, clear and calm', are the key words from the feedback from students.

Evelien Meijs

Evelien Meijs

Experiences of loss and grief are part of life, but they can have a great impact. Grief has many faces: grief after the death of a loved one, a breakup, illness, loss of future perspective or disenfranchised grief. How do you grieve? How do you process? How do you recover? Giving space to your feelings and sharing with someone who really listens, helps. You are most welcome.

As a study advisor, I regularly speak to students with grief. From my personal experiences with loss and grief, the desire arose to offer more in this area. I took courses in ritual guidance and grief counseling, among others. My coaching style is warm and involved, inclusive and safe. I listen carefully, also between the lines. You may feel free to share whatever you need.

Martijn van der Spoel

Martijn van der Spoel

I am fascinated by the brain. Its power, resourcefulness and, perhaps most of all, ability to create. Added to this the fact that you can reframe brain patterns makes the process of our thinking and doing very interesting.

I am committed to helping people discover what works best for them.

Feel free to arrange a phone call or online meeting if you want to just share or explore how you could do things differently.

Marije Wolthuis - Student Life Coach

Marije Wolthuis

A lot is going on in the world around us. A war practically 'next door', climate change, just to name a few things. You are being confronted with questions, emotions, and struggles that can be quite overwhelming.

Loneliness, motivational dips, questions about life (Why am I doing this? What is it that I really want in life? What will my future look like?). How do you deal with all of this? You’re welcome to share your story, and your questions with me. During a phone call or a ‘real’ conversation at my practice in the town centre of Wageningen.

Nereida Ordovas Garcia

Nereida Ordovas Garcia

When you are experiencing feelings like loneliness, homesickness, educational struggle, a loss or breakup, we can ask ourselves the right questions without striving for a concrete answer.

As a life coach, I aim to offer a space where you can share your current difficulties, fostering perspective and compassion. This space encourages reflection on the challenging aspects of your life. I work in English (for Dutch and international students) and in Spanish.

Nereida is available for coaching again from Period 5 onwards.

Mique Menheere - Student Life Coach

Mique Menheere

Unravelling chaos, discovering a common thread, making appropriate choices...I can certainly assist you with that.

Together, we will explore what is important to you; your values. Undoubtedly there will be tools that can help you. Just talking is also fine, as long as it helps you to continue your path with renewed energy.
Feel free to make an appointment with me. Online or face-to-face, in Dutch or English.