Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research

WIMEK aims at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature.

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 It is WIMEK‚Äôs ambition to excel as:

  • School for multidisciplinary PhD training
  • Network for high-quality environmental research
  • Bridge for sustainable solutions around the globe

WIMEK actively participates in the Dutch inter-university network of environmental research groups: the Research School of the Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE). Through SENSE, WIMEK PhD candidates are part of an interdisciplinary community offering a broad range of high level courses and opportunities for networking and exchange.

MOOC Citizens co-creating sustainable cities

Learn how citizen’s co-creation is key in making cities worldwide more sustainable.
Start of this online course: Tuesday 10 October 2017
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WIMEK is - by far - the largest participant in the Netherlands Research School for the Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE).

SENSE website

SENSE portal

The SENSE portal is a personalised portal for all SENSE members containing:

1. The SENSE PhD Roadmap*
2. The SENSE Research Clusters
3. SENSE courses

The SENSE portal provides opportunities for your own development, for networking, for knowledge exchange, and more!

* The SENSE PhD Roadmap is an online tool to guide PhD candidates throughout their PhD project.

SENSE portal