The Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK) is one of the six Graduate Schools at Wageningen University. WIMEK aims at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature.

WIMEK flyer

WIMEK was founded in 1993 to coordinate the research activities and PhD education of the Wageningen University chair groups involved in this research field.

WIMEK aims to develop an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on the quality of life and sustainability and offers solutions for environmental improvement, by:

  1. Conducting innovative scientific research.
  2. Offering PhD training and education.
  3. Dissemination of emerging insights and recent research results.

Currently, about 350 PhD candidates have been enrolled in WIMEK, of whom about 70 percent come from outside the Netherlands.

We aim to support PhD candidates in their personal and scientific development by offering them a challenging scientific research environment, a national and international scientific network of environmental researchers and an advanced training and education programme.

To reach these goals WIMEK has also strongly supported the development of an inter-university network of environmental research groups at national level. This has resulted in the establishment of the Dutch Research School of the Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE) in 1994.

Now, environmental research groups from eight Dutch universities and IHE Delft collaborate in SENSE and WIMEK is the largest participating institute.

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