Confidential advice

Need confidential advice? Perhaps one of the following people can help you.

WIMEK PhD Mentor

The WIMEK PhD mentor can coach you on the process of doing your PhD, such as conflicting interests with supervisors, motivation problems, and problems managing the PhD research process. The PhD mentor has an advisory role, and will act as a sounding board and mirror for the PhD candidate on complex issues before they become larger problems later in the PhD research. Sometimes one meeting with the mentor will be sufficient, in other situations, up to 3 meetings are needed. The meetings with the mentor are confidential, and no report will be made. The mentor will only take action if the PhD candidate agrees. You can make an appointment with the PhD mentor by email.

WIMEK PhD Advisor

The PhD advisor can give you confidential advice on problems related to your PhD research, training and supervision. These problems can pertain to all situations having to do with work, such as conflicts with colleagues, supervisors or problems regarding the appointment or work evaluation. Where possible the research school will act on complaints, for example with line management, but only after approval of the PhD candidate. For complex problems the advisors can help refer you to the best support service.

Social Workers for staff of Wageningen University & Research

This is the point of contact if you want to discuss something with a professional social worker who knows the organisation and who works under a confidentiality code.

You can approach the Occupational Social Work Facility for help and advice for various situations, for example, for questions in connection with work and well-being, such as collaboration problems, reorganisations, stress, personal problems, etc.

Confidential counsellor undesirable behaviour WUR

In case of undesirable behaviour of colleagues or supervisors (including sexual harassment) you should contact the counsellor for undesirable behaviour.

WUR Scientific Integrity Officers

In case of suspected improper scientific acts such as fraud, plagiarism, infringement of copyright or incomplete information, the WUR scientific integrity officers can give advice.