Within Wageningen University & Research (WUR), everyone is expected to act with integrity. The Wageningen University & Research Integrity Code and the Netherlands Code of Conduct on Scientific Integrity are leading in this respect. In addition, WUR has drawn up an anti-corruption code for employees involved in international projects. This code provides rules for doing business in a fair and ethical manner with countries that have a low corruption index (CPI) or countries to which UN sanctions policies apply.

In addition to these codes, there are a number of specific regulations, agreements and complaints procedures to safeguard integrity. Everyone acts in accordance with these mandatory rules of conduct and holds each other accountable if not complied with.

Scientific integrity

Every person at Wageningen University & Research who is involved in scientific education and research is individually responsible for monitoring and safeguarding scientific integrity. In doing so, they act in accordance with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. This code of conduct lays down the principles underlying scientific integrity: honesty, scrupulousness, transparency, independence and responsibility. Scientific integrity is an essential condition for good, reliable and credible science. Anyone with complaints about possible breaches of scientific integrity by WUR employees can contact the Executive Board.

More information

Code for Good Governance

The principles of sound proper governance are set out in the Code for Good Governance Wageningen University & Research. This code applies to both Wageningen University and Wageningen Research. Read more at Governance.

Whistleblower regulations

The whistleblower regulations Wageningen University & Research describe the cases in which the regulations can be used to report (suspected) wrongdoing, violation of integrity or infringement of European law and the procedure used to do so.

Ancillary activities

All employees of Wageningen University & Research are obliged to request prior written permission to carry out ancillary activities in accordance with the Regulations Ancillary Activities Wageningen University & Research. Ancillary activities for which permission has been granted are publicly accessible via We@WUR.