Working at WUR with a functional impairment

Working at WUR with a functional impairment

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) builds an inclusive organisation on all fronts: and this includes employees with an functional impairment. This ties in with the Job Agreement Legislation, part of the Social Agreement and embedded in the national Participation Law. This law benefits people who are able to work, but need support to do so in the regular employment market. If people with an functional impairment are deployed in a suitable function and fully participate in the labour process, this benefits everyone, not just the employee, but also the team. Working on inclusion benefits every team.

This approach concerns sustainable deployment. WUR currently employs staff members with an impairment in a wide range of positions. For example, WUR has  teaching assistants, research assistants, researchers, secretaries, IT-managers, team managers and communications officers. The opportunities are endless. Every talent counts. Fair opportunities for all.

Want to meet us?

Do you have a functional impairment, are you registered in the target group registry and interested in working for us? Then contact us by sending an email through the button below, or call +31-317-483000. We are eager to meet you and discuss your opportunities to work at WUR.

Want to help create jobs?

Are you a manager or team interested in looking into possibilities to alleviate workload and gain more focus on primary tasks by clustering non-primary tasks into a participation job? Contact us. Send us an email using the button above, or give us a call on +31-317-483000.

We look forward to hearing about such opportunities so that we can contribute to win-win solutions for teams, managers and new colleagues with a functional impairment.

Werken bij WUR

Matching, managing and supporting

WUR has established Job Participation Support | jops, a team to generate job participation. Jops matches and supports candidates with a functional impairment, unburdening managers, teams and HR-professionals by assisting in the administration and coaching in the labour process.

Tailor-made support

How much, and what kind of support is required, differs per individual employee. While some may be able to work entirely independently, others may need some additional support and coaching. What support is needed and desired is finetuned by jops, which also acts as a point of contact for coaches and managers of the impaired employee. In addition, jops offers training to help optimise the support network for colleagues with an functional impairment. During these training sessions, teams and managers are provided with information, case studies and tools to help them support their new colleague in their new job.Job Participation Support | jops

Job Participation Support | jops is the go-to team for job participation within Wageningen University & Research. Jops matches and coaches candidates with a functional impairment and unburdens managers, teams and HR-professionals. In doing so, we contribute to building an inclusive organisation as well as implementing the Job Agreement Legislation. Do you have a functional impairment, are you registered in the target group registry and interested in working for WUR? Contact us by sending us an email or calling +31-317-483000.

Our mission

Jops stands for inclusive, safe employment within WUR, with opportunities for suitable employment for new colleagues with a functional impairment.

How does Job Participation Support work?

Job Participation Support | jops, matches and supports candidates with a functional impairment. We unburden managers, teams and HR-professionals by taking over administration and coaching in the labour process. See the procedure outlined in the diagramme below for the different steps in the process from ‘interested candidate’ to ‘sustainable and suitable employment for a new colleague with an impairment.

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How does jops work?

WUR furthers inclusion through Job Agreement

The Job Agreement Legislation is part of the Social Plan which is embedded in the national law on participation. Everyone able to work, but unable to do so without help in the regular employment market, falls within the law on participation This agreement is designed to help more people find employment. This is also applicable to people with a functional impairment.

The WUR Executive Board has intrusted jops to work further on the Job Agreement and, in doing so, contributes to building an inclusive organisation. WUR strives to create at least 230 positions for people with a functional impairment by 2024.

Our focus on “Finding Answers Together” requires us to continue building an inclusive community in all areas and at all levels within our organisation: and this certainly includes employees with a functional impairment.
Rens Buchwaldt, member executive board WUR