Soil Geography and Landscape Group

Our mission is to improve and share understanding of soil patterns and landscape dynamics. We take an integrative approach that combines biophysical and human elements to gain insight in past, present and future system dynamics, and to support sustainable land management.

Our research

Research of the chair Soil Geography and Landscape is focused on a number of issues that have a well defined place within a 'research chain', ranging from problem identification - in close interaction with stakeholders and specialists from other disciplines - to generation of answers and modelling.

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Our courses

SGL is a major contributor to the WU Engineering degree (BSc level) programmes in Soil, Water & Atmosphere (also BLP, BMW, BIL). At the MSc level SGL is involved in programs such as MEE. See for more information our BSc and MSc Courses, Topics for Student Research (BSc and MSc) and our MSc Thesis Students.

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Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

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