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Applied Animal Ecology, REG 20803

The course is primarily focused on understanding wildlife issues in both conservation and rural areas.

Most of these issues can be understood within a theoretical ecological framework and therefore attention will be given to those theories specifically relevant for a number of broadly defined topics e.g.: population control, translocations, wildlife diseases, damage control and damage prevention, animal dispersal, animal behaviour and humans, habitat suitability and habitat connectivity. Further, we will explore available techniques which can be used to tackle problems. Population control can be achieved with various methods, damage can be prevented and controlled with different techniques and there are different ways to deal with the risk of wildlife diseases. Much attention, thus, will be given in providing both a scientific framework for understanding wildlife problems and an overview of available techniques to deal with them.

The main target student groups are students from BBN and master students who take the Wildlife Resource Management course (REG-32806).

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