BSc thesis Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

The lecturers of our group welcome you to carry out your BSc thesis under their supervision.

For more information regarding the rules and orientations for the BSc thesis, consult the website of the BSc theses for Forestry and Nature Conservation students (click here) or for Biology students (click here). The idea is that you come up with a theme for the content of the thesis yourself, and contacts one of our staff members asking them to supervise you. But whom to contact? They best way is to visit our people page and check who fits your topic best. Feel free to contact the BSc thesis coordinator or any of our staff to discuss the possibilities.

Choosing a good topic for your BSc thesis is an important first step. We can assist you with that step with these three suggestions:

  1. Have a look at the MSc thesis topics we supervise and the projects of the Staff and PhD researchers. These sites give you a good impression of the projects we carry out and of our scientific focus.
  2. If you click on this link, you will find a selection of BSc Thesis topics that have been written under our supervision; maybe it can help you in finding another topic?
  3. We have some ideas ourselves for themes that could be used for a BSc thesis. These change continously and are best discussed directly with one of the staff members.