Plant modelling and sensing

The research of the Plant modelling and sensing subgroup (dr. Silvere Vialet-Chabrand) is focused on assessing and interpreting plant behaviour in response to a changing environment (controlled or uncontrolled). It specifically addresses the following areas:

  1. Defining and monitoring key plant traits that inform about the plant status and energy use efficiency in controlled environment agriculture,
  2. Developing new sensing techniques for large scale plant canopy monitoring (e.g. hyperspectral, thermal and chlorophyll fluorescence imaging),
  3. Modelling and sensing of leaf diurnal gas exchange and energy balance and how it impacts plant growth and development

Our top 3 publications

Vialet-Chabrand S, Lawson T. 2019. Dynamic leaf energy balance: deriving stomatal conductance from thermal imaging in a dynamic environment. Journal of Experimental Botany 70: 2839–2855.

Vialet-Chabrand S, Lawson T. 2020. Thermography methods to assess stomatal behaviour in a dynamic environment. Journal of Experimental Botany. 71: 2329–2338

Vialet‐Chabrand S, Matthews JSA, Lawson T. 2021. Light, power, action! Interaction of respiratory energy and blue light induced stomatal movements. New Phytologist 231: 2231-2246

Full list of publications: Research@WUR and Google Scholar