Research of the Laboratory of Virology

The research at the Laboratory of Virology focuses on plant viruses, invertebrate viruses and arboviruses (viruses that infect vertebrates and are transmitted by insect or other arthropods). For most of these viruses insects play a crucial role, either as vector transmitting plant and mammalian viruses, or as host species themselves. We aim at understanding virus-host and virus-vector interactions and to use the obtained knowledge for the prevention and control of viral diseases.

The research programme of the Laboratory of Virology covers the following subjects

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Major research lines

1. Plant virus-host and vector interactions

(Richard Kormelink, Emilyn Matsumura, Rene van der Vlugt)

  • RNA interference, Cross-kingdom RNA interference, and resistance mechanisms - Richard Kormelink
  • Virus replication mechanisms - Richard Kormelink
  • Multitrophic interactions in virus transmission: viruses, hosts, and insect vectors - Rene van der Vlugt, Emilyn Matsumura
  • Plant viruses as tools for translational applications - Emilyn Matsumura

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    2. Insect virus-host interactions

    (Vera Ros, Astrid Bryon, Monique van Oers)

    • Covert insect virus infections - Vera Ros
    • Virus-induced insect behaviour - Vera Ros
    • Functional genomics of baculoviruses and nudiviruses - Monique van Oers
    • Virus discovery - Astrid Bryon
    • Applying Insect viruses for biocontrol - Vera Ros

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    3. Arboviruses & Biotechnology (Jelke Fros, Gorben Pijlman)

    • Arbovirus transmission by mosquitoes -
    • Arbovirus-host interactions -
    • Next-generation vaccines -
    • Biotechnology & safety

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    4. Baculovirus expression technology (Gorben Pijlman, Monique van Oers)

    • Optimization of baculovirus vectors for vaccination and gene therapy purposes - Monique van Oers, Gorben Pijlman (under construction)