Education of the Laboratory of Virology

The Laboratory of Virology is involved in several BSc and MSc educational programs of Wageningen University & Research, such as Plant Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Life Sciences. For students with a particular interest in Virology, two advanced Virology courses are provided.
Additionally, you can do an internship, research practice or MSc/BSc thesis at our department.


You can visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information.

BSc and MSc Courses coordinated by the Virology department:

BSc and MSc courses in which Virology is being part of

  • YML-30303 Frontiers in Molecular Life Sciences
  • NEM- 20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases
  • PHP-21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology
  • ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
  • BPE-10806 Introduction Molecular Life Sciences/Biotech
  • PHP- 30806 Molecular Aspects of Bio-Interactions
  • ENT –51306 Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology
  • NEM-32303 Dilemmas of Food safety and security
  • CBI -30806 Immunotechnology
  • ENT-53806 Biological Control of Insects
  • ENT-20806 Integrated Pest Management
  • BPE – 60312 Bioprocess Design
  • NEM-20306 Research Methodology

Bsc and Msc Thesis at Virology

The technical skills that can be developed depending on the project include: insect and mammalian cell culturing, caterpillar rearing, virus handling, infectivity and titration methods, transformations of plants, , various RNA interference methods including Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in plants, recombinant DNA techniques, RNA/DNA transfections, quantitative gene expression assays (qPCR, luciferase luminometry), viral and host genome analysis, immunological techniques, electron and confocal laser microscopy, expression of heterologous proteins in bacteria, insect cells and plants.

You can contact the principle investigators for more information about the projects that are running at the moment in the laboratory of Virology:

prof.dr. MM van Oers GP Pijlman RJM Kormelink VID (Vera) Ros

dr. EE Matsumura JJ Fros


If you are interested in performing an internship, you can contact the department to discuss about the possibilities: