Vision and Mission

Our vision

We aspire to be 'the place to be' for engaged international scholars and students who are passionate about understanding and influencing the complex relations between knowledge, social processes and materiality.

Our mission and objectives

We offer a conducive interdisciplinary environment for developing high-quality theoretical, methodological and contextual insights supportive of the University’s mission of improving the quality of life and contributing to international development.

The objective of our research is to understand processes of socio-technical innovation and transformation, with special attention to the communicative and socio-political dynamics involved in the production, exchange, integration and use of scientific and other knowledge. This involves studying technology’s impact on society and the social shaping of technology as two sides of a co-production process, and the analysis of interactions, interventions, design approaches and institutional set-ups relevant to supporting innovation. Insights generated serve eventually to address global challenges such as food security, poverty, health hazards, inequality, environmental degradation, climate change, conflicts and scarcity of resources.

Through our work we seek to enhance reflexivity in science, contribute towards making processes of technical and social innovation more responsible, responsive and democratic, and thus support the 're-configuration' of societal discussions, interactions and outcomes.