Internship COM

An internship Communication Strategies allows you to fully participate at an academic level in an organisation that is (semi) professionally engaged in communication issues, and reflect on the choices they make professionally.
You can arrange your own internship or pick one from the list below. Please read the Internship manual before arranging your internship.

Available internships

Fields of interest of our staff

Marleen Buizer

Citizen initiatives
Participatory action research
Discourse analysis
Science-society interface

Pepi Burgos

Intercultural communication
Health communication
Corporate and marketing (online) communication
Change management

Marie Garnier Ortiz

Critical media studies
Media power
News media, journalism and democracy
Public debates about mass animal production
Framing analysis

Joanne Leerlooijer

Communication interventions
Health communication
Community interventions

Hedwig te Molder

Science-society interaction
Interaction analysis
Food, health and environment
Science and technology communication

Bob Mulder

Interpersonal health communication
Behavior change interventions

Marijn Poortvliet

Risk communication
Human-technology interactions
Social psychology
Risk perception
Sustainable behavior

Tim Stevens

Social media
Dynamics of public debates
Agro-food governance

Jasper de Vries

Spatial planning
Persuasive communication

Margit van Wessel

Citizen engagement
Civil society
Advocacy and advocacy evaluation
Communicative governance
Organizational communication