Facilities & Services is a professional service provider. It supports research and education at Wageningen University & Research by working with its clients to build a challenging and inspiring environment for current and future employees and students.

Real Estate and Housing

Real estate develops, controls and maintains WUR’s buildings, infrastructure and grounds including the landscaping. Important themes are sustainability and the energy transition.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) develops, controls and maintains the digital network, WUR’s core applications and the voice-landscape (phone). IT develops, together with customers/clients reliable, specific support and digital cooperating environments.


WUR Library supports researchers and students in the process of knowledge creation and dissemination. This involves not only collecting and making literature, documents, and data available but also making it easier to find the right content and providing the tools and skills to efficiently manage the flow of information. In addition, we support the organisation and researchers in registering, archiving and disseminating developed knowledge, and monitoring results so that WUR and its researchers have maximum impact within the relevant fields. A comprehensive overview of our services can be found on the website of the library.

Operational Services

Operational Services provides and supplies several internal facility services for employees and students in the buildings. Such as reception, janitorial and support for practicals. But also language education, sports facilities, document management and logistics.

Location Facilities

Location Facilities providesfacility support for buildings and signs suppliers from several different facility services, like cleaning, catering and printing services. Anything to support/facilitate our colleagues, students & customers efficiently and to the best of our abilities.


The Procurement department draws up the procurement policy, supports and advises on procurement procedures and tenders, draws up procurement contracts makes sure that products can be ordered. Procurement is the contact point for more information about contracts, suppliers, market trends and the procurement policy.

Staff Departments

In addition, there are a number of staff departments within Facilities and Services in the areas of finance, HRM and integrated facility management.