Laptop, software & service

A laptop is indispensable for your studies. In computer practicals, the use of your own (Windows) laptop with a CANS/RSI prevention set (laptop riser, keyboard and mouse) is the standard. You can also take digital exams on your own laptop.

  • As a WUR student, you receive an excellent discount on purchasing a laptop at the WUR LaptopShop with outstanding service. These devices meets all the requirements to ensure you are ready for your studies.
  • New: From now on you can rent a sustainable laptop in the WUR Laptop rental shop. Read more here!
  • You will be able to use the study and course software on your laptop through the WUR AppStore.
  • You can prevent physical complaints using your laptop with the CANS/RSI set.

Q&A about laptop, software and support

Who can help me if I have issues with my laptop?

You can take your laptop to ServicePoint IT in Forum. They will take a look at your laptop and help you as much as possible – regardless of whether you purchased your laptop from the WUR LaptopShop or elsewhere. If you are unable to drop by, you can also call the ServiceDesk IT: + 31 (0) 317 4 88888.

How can I get the WUR AppStore on my laptop, so I can install software for my course?

To use the study and course software safely you need to connect your laptop to the WUR network once with your WUR account, which will be provided as soon as your registration has been completed. Windows 10 education (a free update is available on or Windows professional is needed on your laptop to be able to access the WUR AppStore. Install the WUR AppStore before the educational period starts. A lot of course software can be used throughout your studies.

Step-by-step instructions and detailed manuals are available on the WUR-AppStore section on the Student Support website

Can someone help me to install the software I need?

If you need help installing software, you can go to ServicePoint IT or call ServiceDesk IT. They will check whether you are installing the software via the WUR App correctly.

Can I use a MacBook for my studies?

WUR uses Windows as standard, because a lot of software in computer practicals is based on the Windows operating system. If you choose to use a MacBook, it is recommend to purchasing Parallels Desktop via to use Windows on Mac.

What should I do if I can't afford to buy a laptop?

WUR can lend you a laptop in case of emergencies. These are second-hand or refurbished laptops. To be eligible for this, please contact the Student Service Desk or

Is it possible to use a WUR laptop on a temporary basis?

Yes, in some cases it is possible to use a second-hand or refurbished laptop on a temporary basis.

1.  If your laptop is broken, you can take it to ServicePoint IT to have it repaired. While it is being repaired, you can borrow a laptop. (This is only possible for premium-brand laptops, or laptops from the WUR LaptopShop.)

2.  As an exchange student, you can use a WUR laptop for a maximum of six months, after handing in your own laptop. You can request this via ServicePoint IT in Forum

Where can I go if I have problems with my order from the LaptopShop?

Always report this to ServicePoint IT. WUR will support you and mediate in the event of any problems.