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Wageningen Writing Lab

Who is it for?

The Writing Lab is for all BSc and MSc students at Wageningen University who need coaching and support for their written academic assignments. The sessions are free.

PhD candidates can also be coached at the Wageningen Writing Lab. Get in touch with the coordinator to find out more!

When can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment at any stage in your assignment. But don't wait until the last minute! You need time to process and practice what you’ve learned at the WWL. We can also help you with planning your writing even before you actually start writing.

How does it work?

Fill in the registration form for an appointment. Each appointment is about 45 minutes and starts on the half hour. Once we receive your registration, we’ll usually mail you within 24 hours with an appointment, your tutor information and instructions for the appointment.

What can you expect?

At the start of the appointment you and your tutor will clarify the question that brought you to the Writing Lab. This problem analysis is an important step towards solving your writing issue. You and your tutor will then discuss how you can approach the question and develop new writing strategies you can use.

Many questions can be solved with 1 session, while others may need 2 or 3. If you need  a follow-up session, you can easily arrange one with your tutor.

What kinds of questions does the Writing Lab handle?

The following are a few examples of typical student issues:

· You don't know where to start.

· You've become bogged down in an essay, a report or a paper.

· You're having problems systematically organising the material and topics you’ve collected.

· You need a push to get your paper finished on time.

· You want someone to help you take a fresh look at your work.

· You think your text is OK, but you want to improve it.

· You do not know how to handle your instructor’s feedback on your assignment.

· You’re looking for a place to discuss your assignment without it negatively affecting your grade.

What don't we do?

You will learn to improve your writing strategy at the sessions. You are the author of your work, so the tutor will not correct the grammar or style of your text or comment on the content.

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