Wageningen University & Research finds it important to consider the consequences of food choices. It challenges itself and its (catering) partners to realise as much positive and social impact as possible. Healthy, sustainable and inclusive are three key focal points in the catering offer at WUR.

WUR's Food & Beverage facilities consist of catering facilities, banqueting, event catering, dinner facilities, hot and cold beverage facilities and snack machines.

A detailed description of WUR's goals and ambitions is described in the Food & Beverages vision.

Healthy, sustainable and inclusive 

WUR asks all hospitality partners to contribute to WUR's healthy, sustainable and inclusive ambitions. This is visible through various activities throughout the year, linking up as much as possible with existing initiatives, such as the ‘National Meat Free Week’, ‘One World Week’ and the ‘Food-waste Free Week’.   

There is also a strong focus on social values and inclusion. WUR and its partners in the field of Food & Beverage are demonstrably working structurally on sustainable jobs. Behind the scenes and in the foreground, people with a functional disability on the labour market are employed. Where possible, the Job Participation Support team within WUR (jops) is involved.  

A few highlights

  • The Food & Beverage offer is a good reflection of what WUR aspires to and wants to portray: the food and drinks are fresh, healthy and often based on plant proteins.
  • Food and ingredients match the season and are regionally produced whenever possible.
  • The look and experience in the food and beverage outlets is inviting, atmospheric, safe and accessible.
  • WUR's catering facilities act as living labs: they stimulate and facilitate cooperation for research and innovations between entrepreneurs, WUR and other educational and knowledge institutions.
  • All catering facilities handle raw materials consciously. For inventory, fixtures and fittings and consumables, topics such as recycling, a critical eye for energy management, bio-based and smart packaging and reconsideration of usefulness and necessity are the norm.

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