UNLOCK is an open infrastructure for exploring new horizons for research on microbial communities. Let's UNLOCK microbial potential.


UNLOCK is a unique facility enabling research on mixed microbial communities at an unprecedented scale and efficiency. The UNLOCK research infrastructure is composed of three complementary experimental platforms for high-throughput discovery and characterization of microbial communities and a FAIR-data platform for large scale data storage, data extraction and analysis of high-throughput data in a cloud-based infrastructure.


Biodiscovery Platform

The high-throughput cultivation and Biodiscovery Platform at the Laboratory of Microbiology allows for isolation and investigation of yet unknown microorganisms (and consortia) that can be used as building blocks for synthetic mixed cultures. The platform is geared towards strictly anaerobic microorganisms.

Modular Bioreactor Platform

The Modular Bioreactor Platform at Environmental Technology consists of different types of bioreactors that can be used in sequential and/or parallel configuration. The platform is specifically suitable for investigating sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, such as degradation of (micro)pollutants, sustainable energy generation, and recovery of resources from complex waste streams.

Parallel Cultivation Platform

The Parallel Cultivation Platform at the Departent of Biotechnology (TU Delft) consists of multiple bioreactors units that allow for cultivation and investigation of most chemotrophic and phototrophic microbial communities in extremely well-defined conditions. The flexible arrangement of analytical equipment enables the investigation of virtually all redox conditions of interest in microbial ecology, ranging from aerobic to strictly anaerobic conditions.

FAIR Data Platform

The FAIR-data platform (at Systems and Synthetic Biology) allows for data storage, data extraction and analysis of high-throughput data in a cloud-based infrastructure. The data generated will be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) by design, enabling transparent procedures. The FAIR data platform will be equipped with an up-to-date ecosystem of robust state-of-the-art open source tools for data handling, information retrieval, statistical analysis and visualization.

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