Food Technology

Online lecture series: Food Technology

See how food can be processed in a safe and sustainable way. Learn what influences the quality of a product over time and dive into the molecular level of food. Keep up with the newest food trends like vegan cheese!

What are online lecture series?

By following these free online lectures you can get to know our programmes better. This series consists of four classes, one hour each. You will follow online mini-lectures by professors and students and make assignments, all from the comfort of your lazy chair.

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What is this lecture series about?

Would you like to work on new, innovative products for the largest business sector in the world? Great! Consumer demands and new insights into health, food safety, quality and sustainability make research and development of new products extremely important. In addition, companies want to maintain an effective competitive position. The study of Food Technology supplies you with the knowledge to develop new food products and improve existing products to achieve these goals. You will learn all about ingredients and aspects such as packaging, logistics and food safety.

In the lecture series, the following questions will be answered:

  • What is food quality to consumers and how do we influence this quality?
  • Is food safe to consume? What is safe foods and can we alter the shelf life of foods?
  • How does packaging and logistics contribute to providing the consumers with food?
  • Can we produce food in a safe and sustainable manner?

Per topic, we will dive into one or several aspects that are of importance for food technology. You get a chance to participate in a practical, watch minilectures and make assignments.