Personal Development

While studying you have time to broaden your horizon and discover your personal strengths, interests and values. We offer a broad range of trainings and workshops to help you to develop themselves outside of academia and discover and enhance your talents.

Wageningen Study- and Student Associations


Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student- and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students!

Also there are more than 30 Student Sports associations active in Wageningen.

Studium Generale


Broadening Horizons

Studium Generale aims to encourage students and staff to think more critically, more clearly. About science, society and themselves.

It seeks to prompt discussion of these subjects and, in so doing, to take the participants beyond the limits of their own disciplines, let them discover new perspectives, and encourage them to examine the ideas they hold.

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Studium Generale Certificate Program

Certificate  Programme

The Studium Generale Certificate programme is open to all students of Wageningen University & Research who are keen to develop themselves beyond their niche expertise.

It can be of special interest to you if you wish to broaden your knowledge, demonstrate active interest in the world around you, and are motivated to practice critical thinking and reflection.

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Open Mind Lab - Students create a SG activity for WUR

Open Mind Lab

In the Open Mind Lab (OML), you - and some fellow students - are in the drivers’ seats of creating a Studium Generale activity for the WUR wide student body.

Supervised by SG staff, you design an inspiring and thought-provoking programme.


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