The Designer Postmaster Programme ‘Design for AgriFood and Ecological Systems’

Design for AgriFood and Ecological Systems at Wageningen University & Research is a two-year postmaster designer programme which leads to an Engineering Doctorate.

This programme has a focus on (technological) design in industry and/or society and will provide you with the scientific background, design skills and personal development required to become one of the senior (technical) managers of the future.

You will be able to create high-value, creative, and innovative designs to improve sustainability in an independent and multi/interdisciplinary way under the supervision of the university and experts outside academia. The final result will be a design that will, directly or indirectly, contribute to increasing the sustainability of agri- or horticulture, livestock farming, or the living environment in general.

Programme Overview 

The programme is tailor made and drawn up in close consultation with external organisations. The programme offers academic research and design in a professional context by combining a training  component (48 - 60 EC) and a supervised design assignment (60 - 72 EC). In the first year the emphasis will be on the course component. The amount of time spent on the design assignment will increase over time.

Graphic about time spent during the postmaster track

The courses in the educational component help you to strengthen your professional and scientific development by providing the necessary background needed for the design assignment. In the design assignment, you will spend your time working on a challenging and innovative (technological) design project. You will transfer the knowledge gained into innovations in industry and society. Throughout the project, you will be supervised by university staff and specialists from outside academia. This ensures support in the areas of scientific knowledge, practical design and project management.

The designer programme is open for a wide range of (technical) MSc graduates. Pivotal is that you have the right background for the specific design project, you have demonstrated affinity with (technological) designs and your intrinsic motivation.


Have you finished your Master's and are you interested in (technological) designs? Do you want to continue studying and get paid while doing so? Then the designer programme Design for AgriFood and Ecological Systems might be what you are looking for!

You can also enroll if you are already working in an organisation and would like to pursue a designer programme. With the correct background, you can smoothly enrol in the programme as well.

Still hesitating between a PhD and the designer programme? Learn more about the differences PhD and the designer programme or check out the admission requirements.

Candidates can only start when a project is available and funding guaranteed. In 2022 at least six positions will be created for this programme. If you are interested in this programme please send an email to with your contact information and you will receive updated information in the near future.

Please find attached brochure and attached presentation for further information regarding the Designer Programme.