Specialisation Marine Resources and Ecology

This specialisation focuses on the sensitivity of marine communities in relation to human interventions, including climate change, fisheries and habitat destruction.

What will you learn?

You will learn about ecology, models of population dynamics and fishing yield, international regulations, management tools and economic driving forces in order to sustainably manage the living resources in the sea. This is summarised in the learning outcome of this specialisation: evaluate biodiversity, environmental quality and sustainability of marine ecosystems for the design of management of the marine environment.

Check the online study handbook for more information on the courses in this specialisation.

Thesis examples

Some thesis examples for the specialisation Marine Resources and Ecology:

  • Effect of floating solar panels on water quality.
  • Introduction of European flat oyster to the North Sea, facilitation of the native by the invasive oyster?
  • Invasive seagrass expansion in the Caribbean and impacts of temperature, eutrophication and grazing.
  • Analysing effects of Nature Friendly Banks on aquatic organisms.