Master's Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (joint degree)

The master's Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE) is a master's with a focus on sustainable development. You learn to create innovative solutions for the challenges that metropolitan regions are facing in securing environmental change, urban sustainability and the quality of life in cities.

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MSc MADE is an interdisciplinary programme of both Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technolgy and is part of the AMS Institute. In this master's you tackle particularly complex problems deriving from urbanisation. These issues include mobility and logistics, water and waste management, and energy and food security.

Why this programme?

  • Attain skills and knowledge by testing ideas in a living lab setting at the AMS Institute in Amsterdam.
  • Benefit from a joint degree that gives you the best of both worlds: Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams with students from different academic and international backgrounds.

Study programme of MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

The master's degree programme brings together multidisciplinary teams to reflect and work on solutions to questions like: How to keep our metropoles connected? How to aim for the circular city? And, how to safeguard its vitality? This two-year master's in sustainable development is entrepreneurial and takes place in the territorial context of Amsterdam.

The first academic year consists of courses such as Metropolitan Challenges, Data and Entrepreneurship. These will prepare you for the Living Lab in the second year. The Living Lab approach will enable you to work on real-life cases within the city of Amsterdam.

You can find the general course outline on the AMS-Insitute website along with more information on what you will learn.

Discover this master's programme

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Application and admission

You can apply for admission to this joint-degree programme. We require a relevant bachelor's, including a certain number of technical and natural scientific courses. Relevant are for instance specialisations or minors and courses focussing on water and waste management, architecture and the built environment, transport, mobility or logistics, energy and food security and production, health and well-being and spatial planning and geographical information systems.

The additional requirement for starting the master's is that you have successfully finalised the self-paced MOOC Sustainable Urban Development, Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

Find out more about the specific admission requirements and the application procedures.

Student experiences

The best way to get a clear view of being a master's student is to read their experiences. Students share their stories about the MSc MADE programme. Read the stories and get to know more.

I learn a lot about sustainability at the urban level and gain new skills regarding entrepreneurship and data science.
Madelief, MSc MADE student

Future career

As a Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering graduate you will be an expert on the one hand and an integrator on the other. You will be a boundary spanner at a firm or a government, a pioneering researcher aiming for a PhD, or an innovator ready to start your own business.
Read the stories of alumni and find out about their jobs.