Master's Water Technology (joint degree)

Improvement of seawater desalination using innovative membranes and smart design, closing nutrient cycles by recovering phosphates from animal manure, storage of energy with a minimal environmental impact and the removal of micro-pollutant using smart UV-technology are some examples of technological innovations within the field of water technology. Have you become curious? Then, start this master programme and a career in the field of water technology.

Desalination with innovative membranes

Why this programme?

  • Learning in an inspiring environment at the heart of the Wetsus laboratories and its excellent facilities.
  • Teaching staff from three highly regarded Dutch universities, Wageningen, Twente and Groningen.
  • Students have access to professionals within an extensive network of companies in the industrial and public sector.

Study programme of MSc Water Technology

The master’s Water Technology is a multidisciplinary programme with a clear scientific and technological approach embedded in a top research environment. Students learn to develop, propagate and apply sustainable innovations and optimisations, and create new insights within the broader framework of the growing scarcity of raw materials (mainly water), energy and associated pollution.

Wageningen University and Research, University Twente and University of Groningen offer this full master’s programme Water Technology as a joint degree. It links to collaborate research activities, which are consolidated in their participation together with the Research Institute Water Technology, Wetsus. This programme is coordinated at Wetsus, which is given entirely in Leeuwarden at the Wetsus institute. Students study in the most suited academic context to become design-oriented researchers and professionals in water technology. The programme knows a clear and very strong link with the professional field of science and research. Students learn in an inspiring environment at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, close to their future work field.

On the Programme of Water Technology page you can find the general outline of the programme and more detailed information about courses, thesis and internship. You can also read more about the scientific background of the programme.

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Application and admission

Interested in taking part in the programme of Water Technology? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures.

Inspiring learning environment

Students of this programme become member of the scientific and professional network of the Research Institute Wetsus. Networking possibilities at the international WaterCampus enable students to interact with other major players in water technology and to get familiar with real-world cases and applications.

Nearly all members of the teaching staff are actively involved in the Wetsus research programme in order to ensure the connection with new developments and thus the quality and high level of the educational programme. Students can select a thesis topic from a large number of multidisciplinary research projects and get to know companies that participate in the Wetsus research programme. The latter substantially enhances their job potential on graduation. Learn more about the inspiring learning environment.

Meet us and events

The master’s programme Water Technology organises activities for future master’s students at the three universities and at the location in Leeuwarden. Visit this website for announcements and possibilities. You can also join the open day activities at one of the three involved universities. Do you want to know more about the programme?